Medical Profession Corporate Headshot in Tampa

Tampa Headshot Photographer

Recently I was given the opportunity to photograph new hires for a medical company in downtown Tampa. Since that first day in October this same company has hired me to do another round of recent hires and I’ve got another shoot scheduled in a few weeks. I will continue to add to this blog post as we photograph the new hires professional headshot photos. The energy these new hires bring to the shoot is infectious and I always have a great time! Next time I may be bringing water guns just to catch them off guard – just kidding, but then again, if it will bring a smile…

If your company or firm is interested in having one or multiple professional headshots taken of your staff please take a moment to fill out this short form here.

You can also read an article I wrote discussing tips and tricks on how to nail you next corporate headshot session here. In this article I discuss what to wear (ie. pajamas), what not to wear, as well a why it is important to practice smiling. It’s a great little primer if I do say so myself.

Thank you for taking the time to view this blog post, have a great day and I hope you enjoy the photos,
Jamie of James Connell Photography