Corporate Branding Headshot Photographer in Downtown Tampa

Setting Downtown Tampa on Fire with Professional Corporate Branding Headshots

Just before she left for a new job a few states away Melissa gifted her team with professional headshots. The day was overcast and made for some really beautiful soft lighting. It is a common misconception that overcast days are bad for photos, but they are infact better for photos as they do not cast harsh shadows that an overhead sun can cause.

We headed down to Curtis Hixon Park in downtown Tampa and had some good, old fashioned fun. It is easy to see why this team meshes so well together. They were laughing and cracking jokes practically the entire time. It was their enthusiasm that made it so easy to capture their natural expressions. This helped to make each person look approachable in their corporate branding headshots.

Melissa opted for the natural feel of an urban Tampa background. I offered to set up my mobile studio but she felt that including the “vibe of Tampa” in the photos helped to tie their headshots in with the city more. In some of the photos we used the University of Tampa as a backdrop and in others we used natural greenery that was planted at Curtis Hixon Park. The great thing about downtown Tampa are the close and varied backgrounds that can really change up the look of your photographs.

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