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Tampa Headshots Photographer, James Connell believes everyone has a good side and we are determined to prove it to you!

Approachable / Personable / Confident:
My Approach as a Tampa Headshot Photographer

Have you been thinking about updating your corporate headshot lately, but you are too nervous to step in front of a camera? You’re are not alone. Nearly everyone that I photograph mentions being anxious at one point or another during our photography session. Another thing those people have in common is that they also say “Wow, that came out really good” once they see the type of expression I can capture. That is what makes being a corporate headshot photographer in Tampa so enjoyable. Changing people’s opinions when they get in front of my camera is a very gratifying feeling. Some photographers promise to get great photos in just 15 minutes. I like to take a more personal approach and spend some time getting to know you. I feel a 45 minute to 1 hour session is best to capture the true essence of your personality.

What’s Next – Choose a Background and Location

Where do we start? The most important thing to consider when hiring a headshot photographer is the type of background you would like. Generally there are 2 types of background. The first is a natural background and consists of an urban or natural background. The second background is a solid color (white, black or gray) and takes place in your office after I’ve set up my mobile headshot studio. My mobile studio is equipped with state-of-the-art professional lighting and typically takes me less than 20 minutes to set up. Location is the next thing to consider. I have many locations that I can recommend in and around the Tampa area. Some of the more popular places include state parks, the beach or even downtown Tampa. If however you have a specific location in mind I am open to suggestions.

Schedule Your Headshot Photography Session

If you’ve been seriously considering updating your headshot but have been reluctant now is the time. Please take a moment to fill out this form or call us at 813-625-8168. While you are at it please take a moment to read a blog post I wrote here. This blog post details sure-fire ways to prepare for your headshot session as well as to help you knock it out of the park. For further information regarding your next headshot session please read our Frequently Asked Headshot Photography Questions. Please take a moment to follow us on our Facebook page here.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page, I look forward to hearing from you and helping show you that no matter what everyone truly does have a good side. Thank you for your time and have a great day!

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Tampa Headshot Photographer Prices

If you would like to download a more detailed pricing sheet please click the image below.

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Frequently Asked Corporate Headshots Photography Questions

The number of photos I take depends on the length of the session. I always guarantee that you will walk away with one photo that you love. However the more time we spend with each other the more comfortable you will become and the more authentic and genuine your expressions will be. However if you only have a short period of time we can absolutely crank something out that you will be happy with. The short answer is you are guaranteed to come away with one photo that you love, and the long answer is that there really is no limit on the number of photos I can provide you as it is all based on the amount of time you would like to spend with me perfecting the shot!

Technically it does not take long to photograph a headshot, say maybe 5-10 minutes on the short end, but we can spend up to an hour and a half with each other and get some really different looks if that is what you are going for.

Depending on the type of session we book you can absolutely see the photos. I typically shoot tethered, which puts the photo directly into the computer once I press the shutter button. That means we both get to see the image on the big screen as opposed to the back of my camera. Once we take a look at your photo we can either make some adjustments, or if you are happy we can use the photo that was taken. The choice is up to you. Naturally I will offer my advice and make sure that you are happy no matter what. On some rare occasions I do not bring my computer so if this is important to please let me know ahead of time.

Generally my turnaround time is very quick and sometimes even same day. I like to say that you will receive your photos in 1-2 business days. On occasion I am backed up and it may take longer but as a general rule your photos are turned around pretty quickly. I am always more than happy to accommodate if I can, so if you need them sooner that my recommended delivery time just let me know and I will do my best to shift my workload around.

I always have at least one studio light with me at all times, it just depends on the specific shoot and look we are trying to accomplish. If you have chosen to have me set up my mobile studio then I will always use studio lighting ,however if you have chosen a more natural/outdoor background we may go with natural light.

I do have a mobile studio. My equipment includes your choice of backdrop color (white, gray or black), some softboxes to avoid harsh shadows and a reflector to fill in some shadows.

Retouching comes standard with all headshot photography packages. There are different levels of retouching. I always edit every photo I provide you. This includes adjusting exposure, highlights, shadows and white balance. I also offer some skin softening as well as blemish removal. As a general rule if a particular feature is going to be with you for 2 weeks or longer we keep it, if not we can edit it out. I’m happy to consult with you first prior to booking your photography session. More in-depth Photoshop editing work is billed out at an hourly rate and can also be discussed in further detail.

Outfit changes are welcomed and encouraged. Just be sure that we allocate enough session time so that we can knock it out of the park with all of your different outfits. It always amazes me just how different someone can look in different color attire.

I’m happy to offer as many poses as you would like. Some people think I’m crazy when I tell them to stick their head out like a turtle, or to put their hands to their side and act like they are holding a sub, but once they see their photo they understand why I put them in such an awkward feeling pose.

I have 2 professional opinions on this… 1. Whatever makes you happy, if you do not feel comfortable having your hair and makeup done then so be it. My second opinion however is yes,  you should have hair and makeup done. I’ve seen first hand the difference a professional make up artist can have on an image. Having perfect hair and makeup helps you feel confident and this will come through in your photos. I really only have one person I use as my go to for hair and makeup and I trust her with the utmost confidence. I mean if you doing hair and makeup for the Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders then there is a good chance you are at the top of your game! If hair and make up is important to you then let me know and we can make it happen… Glam style 😉

I do offer discounts for groups. Please feel free to call me at 813-625-8168 or email for more information.

The process is simple… 1. Schedule a session, 2. You pay right before your shoot, 3. We photograph your headshot session, 4. I deliver your photos as soon as I possibly can.

Glasses are definitely ok to wear to a headshot session. I use specific angles on my studio lighting to eliminate glare in the lenses of your glasses.

You should shave at least an hour before your scheduled headshot session time. This will allow any redness to subside. It is also recommended to drink lots of water to keep your skin well hydrated. Aftershave is also highly recommended to soothe the skin.

Professional Corporate Headshots Contact Form

Need a little bit more information to help you make your decision? No problem. If you require immediate assistance call us at: 813-625-8168 or fill out the form below. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you!!